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Quilting has been in our family line for as long as we can trace our family lines. Donna continues a life long tradition of hand quilting that she learned from her mother and grandmothers. Even with the invention of long arm quilting machines, Donna quilts by hand. It's a tradition that is slowly becoming extinct, therefore making a hand quilted quilt a treasure.

Each quilt, wall hanging, or creation that Donna designs are reflections of her persistent quality as well as traditions that will be heirlooms in your family. 


I am Dee, the daughter of Donna. I pieced her first quilt top at the young age of 8. I cherish the traditions of our family line, and enjoy adding a modern twist. While Donna hand quilts, I embroider and have a very successful baby selection and for those sports fans, spirit shirts that will turn every head.


Mom and I combine our talents in making breathtaking quilts, quilted items, and gifts. Quality is always the first priority. 

Newborn and Children's Outfits & Hand Quilted Quilts

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